Location Information

Exclusive Premium Location


c".$k."alt   ***McDonald's , NYC c".$k."alt   Around the World, NY ---Final year student Only---
c".$k."alt   Fast Food, ND c".$k."alt   Luxury Auto Detailing, CA
--Male Only--
c".$k."alt   Sandy's Office Supply, CO
--Female Only--

Premium Location


c".$k."alt   Fast Food, FL c".$k."alt   Fast Food, TX
c".$k."alt   Hotel in TX c".$k."alt   Lagoon Amusement Park, Utah
c".$k."alt   Life Guard - DC, MD, VA c".$k."alt   McDonald's, Hawaii
c".$k."alt   Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, WI c".$k."alt   Ocean Air, FL
c".$k."alt   Siam Orchid Thai Bistro, NH c".$k."alt   Six Flags America, Baltimore/Washington D.C. *Mandatory Ticket and Placement deposit Required*
c".$k."alt   Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ *Mandatory Ticket and Placement deposit Required*

Restaurant and Fast Food


c".$k."alt   Subway , PA *Female Only* c".$k."alt   Fast food, VA
c".$k."alt   Mac's Macaroni and Cheese Shop, WI --Female Only-- c".$k."alt   McDonald's , NC
c".$k."alt   McDonald’s - Myrtle Beach, SC c".$k."alt   McDonald’s - WI

Theme Park and National Park


c".$k."alt   Six Flags Over Georgia , GA c".$k."alt   Six Flags St. Louis, MO

Hotel, Resort, Water Park & Casino


c".$k."alt   Bridges Bay & Resort, IA c".$k."alt   Hotels in Louisiana, LA
c".$k."alt   Hotels in Williamsburg, VA



c".$k."alt   Restaurant, Retail, Hotel, Beach Stores - Ocean City, MD

Location ที่เต็มแล้ว


c".$k."alt   Holiday Inn - Independence, OH c".$k."alt   T-Shirt Factory, WI

Exclusive Location ที่เต็มแล้ว


c".$k."alt   Waldbaum's, NY --Exclusive Premium Location--