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Location Information (Summer : Premium Locations (FULL)(2019)ไม่โชว์)
Company Name :
DNC Sportservice, Cincinnati, OH
Company Address :


  • Job Title :
    Culinary , Concession, Retails
  • Start Date :
    May 13 - June 1, 2019
  • End Date :
    August 5, 2019 ***student must be able to work until the end date required by the employer.
  • Skill Required :
    Advanced English skills. Participants MUST be at least 19 years of age.
  • Detailed Description :
    Job duties may include being responsible for providing customer service to guests during baseball games preparing food & beverage items general customer service during events and clean up after events. Participants MUST be at least 19 years of age. The host company frequently has 2nd job opportunities working at the stadium assisting with food preparation in kitchens located at the ballpark. These kitchen positions pay $9-$9.50 per hour.

    Food & Beverage Service duties:
    •Greets guests approaching stand
    •Serves food and beverage items in correct proportions following proper sanitation guidelines
    •Serves alcoholic beverages responsibly requests identification adheres to all unit and company alcohol service policies and procedures.
    •Records all waste.
    •Acquaints guests with items for sale and uses suggestive selling techniques
    •Participates in set-up of stand arranges inventory notifies Stand Lead of any inventory deficiency or shortages
    •Performs clean-up duties in the stand to maintain the quality appearance of the work area including cleaning equipment.
    •Performs other duties as assigned.
    •Cashier duties (if applicable)
    •Properly records all transactions via the point of sale system and informs guests of the amounts owed.
    •Collects the proper money for food and beverage items; processes credit card or determines correct change for guests.
    •Accounts for all transactions; maintains accurate cash count and balance banks at end of shift
    •Prepares food products in stand according to Company standards and specifications
    •Shows flexibility by rotating to other stands when necessary.

    Tentative game days that you are required to work if you are in the U.S.
    Home Game Day Schedule for 2014 – look at the number of games during your work time in the USA to figure out how much money you will make.

    Participants who are in country are required to work on these dates.
    Schedule is tentative and is subject to change. Second jobs may be available in other Departments at the stadium.
    Second jobs with a different company MUST not interfere with these mandatory work days.
  • Required Job Training :
  • Salary :
    Concession Attendant $74/event (Most events are 7.5 hours. $74 per event equals approximately $9.25 per hour.) - Culinary Attendant $9.27/hr - Retail Cashier $9.25/hr
  • Hours :
    Participants should expect to work during scheduled sporting events, which may include evenings and nights.
  • Extra Hours :
  • Possibiliity of a 2nd Job :
    The Employer has partnered with the Cincinnati Marriott Hotel to provide second jobs to all interested participants. The hotel is located within walking distance of the Ball park and will be arranging your work schedule around your schedule at DNC Sportservices. Participants are permitted to find a second job on their own, but must keep in mind that a 2nd job must not interfere with their primary schedule in any way. It is the participant's responsibility to schedule their 2nd job according to their primary position at DNC Sportservices.
  • Dress code :
    All employees are required to wear a clean neatly pressed authorized uniform while working. The host company provides black trousers a shirt and hat for concession attendants and kitchen trousers and shirt and hat for kitchen workers. Participants must bring their own comfortable athletic shoes socks and a white t-shirt to wear under the uniform.

    High standards of grooming and personal hygiene should be observed at all times while at work and on property. A daily bath or shower clean hair and tooth brushing are a must. Fingernails must be clean short and well manicured. All employees are required to wear a clean neatly pressed authorized uniform while working. Males must be clean-shaven and wear their hair above the collar. Females with long hair must secure hair away from the face.

    The host company provides black trousers, a shirt and hat. Participants must bring their own comfortable athletic shoes socks and a white t-shirt to wear under the uniform.
  • Housing :
    Cost of housing $300 per month per person ( $75.00 per week/per person).
  • Housing Deposit Required :
    The host company assists participants with finding apartments/housing with kitchen amenities. Apartment size varies depending on number of students sharing the apartment. The host company helps to locate apartments within walking distance or near bus transportation. It costs approximately $2.00 to ride the bus. All housing is within walking distance of grocery stores entertainment banks restaurants etc.

    Cost of housing $300 per month per person ( $75.00 per week/per person).

    All Housing locations will require a housing deposit of $200. Housing deposits are refundable as long as all rent has been paid and no damage has been done to the housing unit. First month's rent ( $300) and Housing Deposit ( $200) are due at time of move in. Please ensure you arrive with enough money to pay your deposit and first month of rent ( $500). You MUST keep in contact with your employer, prior to your arrival, to make sure they can assist you with arranging your housing. If you do not keep in contact with your employer, so they can assist you in arranging housing, you will need to make arrangements to stay in a Hotel or Hostel until housing can be located for you.
  • Transportation to work :
    Walk / Bike or A public bus is also available for participants living in housing that is not close enough to walk or bike to work.
  • Meal benefits Required :
    One free meal is provided during shifts worked.
  • Nearest Airport :
    Cinnati Northern Kentucky International (CVG)
  • Additional Information :
  • ohioADD

    Sportservice is a global leader in food services and associates working at this location will be at the Cincinnati Reds Stadium, a professional major league baseball stadium.

     *The VISA Sponor will consider your resume before allow you to interview.*
    **You can’t place this job to be your second or third choice**

    All information (pay rate, rent, deposit, etc.) is subject to change within reasonable mean

    to reflect the nature of each placement without prior notice.

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