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Location Information (Summer : Premium Locations (FULL)(2019)ไม่โชว์)
Company Name :
IHOP in Wisconsin Dells, WI, *Male Only*
Company Address :
346 Hwy., 13, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

  • Job Title :
    Responsible for washing all dishes, pots and pans by hand or using a dishwasher. You will also have other cleaning responsibilities including floors, counters, ovens, and other areas of the kitchen. You will be asked to take out trash, stock supplies and assist the cooks as needed. You will also be responsible for busing the tables and helping the server; You will receive tips from the server. Please keep i mind your primary duty will be to wash dishes.
  • Start Date :
    May 15 - 31, 2019
  • End Date :
    August 15 - 31, 2019
  • Skill Required :
    Intermediate English Skill.
  • Detailed Description :
    Specific Functions and Duties:

    - Delivers food and drinks to guests using IHOP’s team delivery system.
    - Greet guests, answers questions, makes suggestions regarding food, drinks, and service.
    - Interacts verbally with all guests creating a friendly and upbeat atmosphere.
    - Relays orders to service bar and kitchen via the point-of-sale computerized register system.
    - Observes guests and responds to any additional requests.
    - Presents guest check to each table and accepts a form of payment. Makes correct change and/or completes the proper charge card procedure.
    - Participates in the clearing and resetting of dining room tables.

    Qualification Standards:

    - Ability to wipe down table tops, table legs, pick up debris off of the floor and wipe down booth seats in all areas of the restaurant.
    - Transports plates, glasses and baskets to and from dining room, service bar, and the kitchen about 30 times per shift.
    - Reading, writing, basic math and verbal communication skills required.
    - Mobility required during the entire shift.
    - Other duties as needed.

    To serve food, drinks, and to accommodate guests' needs in a courteous and timely manner.

  • Required Job Training :
  • Salary :
  • Hours :
    Average 32 - 40 hours / week
  • Extra Hours :
  • Possibiliity of a 2nd Job :
  • Dress code :
    High standards of grooming and personal hygiene should be observed at all times while at work and on property.A daily bath or shower,clean hair and teeth brushing are a must.Fingernails must be clean,short and well manicured.All employees are required to wear a clean,neatly pressed, authorized uniform while working. Males must be clean-shaven and wear their hair above the collar. No facial piercing.

    Aprons and shirts will be provided by the employer. Please bring black closed toe non slip shoes and black pants.
  • Housing :
    $1360 / season
  • Housing Deposit Required :
    Deposit: $250/season

    Motel, 4 people in a room, microwave, bathroom, 2 bunk beds.
  • Transportation to work :
    Walk / Bike
  • Meal benefits Required :
  • Nearest Airport :
    Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Additional Information :
  • All information (pay rate, rent, deposit, etc.) is subject to change within reasonable mean

    to reflect the nature of each placement without prior notice.

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