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Company Name :
Kalahari Resort Poconos, PA
Company Address :

  • Job Title :
    Lifeguard, Housekeeper
  • Start Date :
    May 10 - 31, 2020
  • End Date :
    September 1-7, 2020
  • Skill Required :
    *Advanced English skills required. *Ability to clean guest rooms to standards and to work with cleaning chemicals *Ability to stand on your feet for long periods of time * Ability to provide outstanding guest service
  • Detailed Description :
    Housekeepers assist in the cleaning and maintenance of guest rooms and public spaces. This includes making beds, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, folding linens, removing dirty linens and towels from rooms, removing garbage, and assisting with the cleaning other areas of the Resort. This is a physical demanding job that requires someone who is motivated and willing to work hard. Please do not have allergies to cleaning chemicals. You should be able to work independently and follow directions from your manager. Since you will have interaction with the guests, Advanced English is required.

    - making beds
    - cleaning bathrooms,
    - dusting
    - vacuuming
    - sweeping
    - folding linens
    - removing dirty linens and towels from rooms
    - removing garbage
    - assisting with the laundry
    - Perform duties in other areas of the resort, as requested by the employer.
  • Required Job Training :
  • Salary :
    $11.00 per hour
  • Hours :
    Average 30 - 40 hour per week (Employees will average 32 hours per week. Some weeks could be more, some weeks could be less. You will "average" 32 hours per week over the course of your program.)
  • Extra Hours :
  • Possibiliity of a 2nd Job :
    Second jobs are permitted, but you must be available for every shift you are scheduled to work at Kalahari Resort and your second job must not interfere with their work performance.
  • Dress code :
    Males $37 (shirt and clear bag), male students will need their own back pants (no jeans or sweatpants)
    female - $62 ( shirt, pants and clear bag) all housekeeping associates require to have closed-toe black shoes
    Uniforms will be Payroll Deducted.**

    Following are NOT permitted: Visible tattoos deemed inappropriate by management; visible body piercing(s)
    Males: No earrings or long hair (more than 2” over the ear).
    Females: No more than 2 earrings per ear (Bottom part of the earlobe only).

    Uniform costs will vary, depending on what is needed. Cost will range between $70-$100 and will be Payroll Deducted.
  • Housing :
    $95 per week / person
  • Housing Deposit Required :
    Hotel / Motel Style with 4 people / room. Rooms are assigned by gender. No co-ed roommates are allowed. Couples traveling together need to be prepared they will not be
    able to live in a room together.

    Deposit: $200 ($150 refundable, $50 non-refundable admin and cleaning fee). $150 of the Housing Deposit is refundable, at the end of your program, provided you complete the work dates listed in your job offer and do not cause damage to housing. Participants who leave their jobs before their original end date, or who are terminated, are not eligible for a refund of their housing deposit.

    You will also need to be prepared to pay for your first two weeks rent ( $180) and last 2 weeks rent ($180)at time of move in. Total of $580 due at time of move in Each participant will receive the "Dorm in a Box" package upon check in that has all the necessities needed for the first week in housing: toilet paper, kleenex, plastic utensils, coffee mug, lock, hygiene products, trash bags, laundry tokens, detergent, etc. The package cost is $16.00 and it is payroll deducted.
  • Transportation to work :
    walk / bike / bus
  • Meal benefits Required :
    *Employee discounts on food and retail items. *Employee discounted rate onpark admission. *Good performance is rewarded with tokens that are redeemable for various prizes.
  • Nearest Airport :
    Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport (40 minutes away) If you fly into another airport, take the Greyhound Bus to Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania. Then follow the travel instructions from the bus stop to Kalahari via the Pocono Pony Transit.
  • Additional Information :
  • With 2,400 square miles encompassing northeast Pennsylvania’s Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne counties, the Pocono Mountains region is home to rolling mountain terrain, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, thriving woodlands and 170 miles of winding rivers. Mount Pocono Average Temperature In the middle of summer the average temperature can reach as high as 79 degrees Fahrenheit. In the middle of winter the average temperature can reach as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

    All information (pay rate, rent, deposit, etc.) is subject to change within reasonable mean

    to reflect the nature of each placement without prior notice.

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