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Location Information (Spring : Exclusive Premium Locations)
Company Name :
Mt. Olympus Water Park, WI, (Spring)
Company Address :
1881 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

  • Job Title :
    -Retail Associate
    -Tickets (Cashier)
    -Shallow/Deep Water Lifeguard
    -Front Desk
    -Park Cleaner
    -Ride attendant
    -Hotel General Cleaner
    -Room Attendant
    -Housekeeping Department (Runner)
  • Start Date :
    Mar 15 - April 2, 2020 (Depend on employer)
  • End Date :
    June 10-30, 2020 (Depend on employer)
  • Skill Required :
  • Detailed Description :
    - Retail Associate Sales Associates are most commonly found working for retailers who sell clothing, jewelry, office supplies, and sporting goods. Alternative titles for this role are Retail Sales Associate, Sales Floor Associate, and Retail Salesperson. Sales Associates greet customers on arrival then assist the customer with any questions they have about the purchase they want to make. They often help the customer with returns, refunds, and resolve common complaints.

    - Cashier (Ticket Sales/Retail/Coffee Shops): *sales oriented *very friendly *register/computer skills *working knowledge of American currency *English must be excellent Since you are working for such a large resort hotel, you may be needed in another department or have skills that are better suited to another department- so you need to be flexible if you are asked to switch to another position.

    - Shallow/Deep Water Lifeguard are certified by the resort. There are indoor and outdoor pool areas. Lifeguards rotate stations frequently.Shallow guards work in 4 ft of water or less and must be able to swim at least 25 yards. Deep guards must swim 500 yards.

    - Front Desk are responsible for taking care of guests problems and questions and welcoming guests! Front desk is the first and often last impression guests have of the resort- a very important job!

    - Park Cleaner work in the indoor and outdoor theme park (which opens in warmer weather). They speak to guests- answering their questions and clean the park. This is a great job if you want to work on your English!

    - Ride attendant are responsible for supervising, monitoring, repairing, and attending to park rides, including boarding and securing passengers, starting rides, and ensuring passengers exit safely.

    - General cleaners are responsible for cleaning the public areas of the hotel areas. They speak to guests- answering their questions and giving safety information. This is a very important job!

    - Room Attendant are responsibility is to maintain a clean, sanitary, comfortable and tidy environment for our guests. Our resort has 2-3 bedroom condominiums, suites, villas and cabins that require housekeeping duties.

    - Housekeeping Department (Runner) are responsibility is to maintain a clean, sanitary, comfortable and tidy environment for our guests. Our resort has 2-3 bedroom condominiums, suites, villas and cabins that require housekeeping duties.Housekeepers may be asked to help in our laundry department that will require the cleaning (washing and drying) of all hotel linens, replenish supplies and stock of linen through housekeeping closets throughout the hotel.

    - Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning their assigned hotel rooms, suites and cabins. Cleaning must be done thoroughly and the rooms need to be ready for the next group of guests checking in. Runners run items to guests and other housekeepers. This is a very important job!

    - Houseman job duties include cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, bathrooms, work areas, furnishings and carpets. Cleaning rooms includes duties such as changing bed linens and emptying trash as well as vacuuming carpets and dusting furniture. You'll also replenish guest supplies, such as hand soap and shampoo. Secondary duties may include shoveling snow from walkways, answering guest questions and helping the front desk person. This is a very important job! Students may be placed as room attendants, housepersons, general cleaners, laundry attendants and PM runners.
  • Required Job Training :
  • Salary :
  • Hours :
    32-40 hours per week over the course of the program. Schedules vary greatly. Participants are generally scheduled between 9 am and 11 pm.
  • Extra Hours :
  • Possibiliity of a 2nd Job :
  • Dress code :
    Participants must wear their uniform during all working hours and it must be clean, neat, and pressed. -Dress Code- Uniforms will be provided at cost and deducted from employee's paycheck. Uniform cost depends upon the position and could be from $15 to $100. Uniform must be kept CLEAN! If your uniform is dirty or smelly, you will be required to buy a new one. (*Rate is subject to change)

    Participants need to be clean, neat, and presentable. Good personal hygiene is a must, including daily showers and use of deodorant (no body odor). Men should be neatly shaved/trimmed and hair should be collar length or above. Extremes in hair color or body piercing are not allowed. Females - Long hair must be tied back.
  • Housing :
    $75-$85 per person per week.
  • Housing Deposit Required :
    Additional Cost Description:
    Deposit $300 and 2 weeks rent $180 will be due at arrival, in total $480.
    $50 non-refundable from deposit at departure.

    "Mount Olympus would consider refunding housing costs at the end of the Spring season if a participant completes the program as agreed."

    Information is subject to change
  • Transportation to work :
    Walk or Bike
  • Meal benefits Required :
  • Nearest Airport :
    Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) / O'Hare Airport (ORD)
  • Additional Information :
  • Here at Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells you will find 37 steep and slippery slides, 6 hair-raising roller coasters and 8 curve-hugging go-kart tracks, all sitting on 156 acres of adventure. Mt. Olympus is more than just another waterpark — it’s the biggest water and theme park in Wisconsin Dells. The Parthenon Indoor Theme Park & The Bay Indoor Waterpark are open all year!

    All information (pay rate, rent, deposit, etc.) is subject to change within reasonable mean

    to reflect the nature of each placement without prior notice.

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