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Location Information (Internship / Training USA)
Company Name :
The Orlando World Center Marriott, Florida
Company Address :
8701 World Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32821, United States

  • Job Title :
  • Start Date :
    January - March 2020
  • End Date :
    January - March 2021
  • Skill Required :
    Excellent English
  • Detailed Description :
    Culinary: Food, glorious food. Every hotel menu – be it room service or a la carte - is packed with flair, imagination and a splash of individuality and the same goes for the staff that create it. Kitchen staff are passionate, hard working and eager to make food service fantastic. As the person responsible for all kitchen produce, to co-ordinate the distribution of tasks amongst his or her teams ensuring that the work progresses as it should within the time available. Participants will undergo training in the following kitchens: Banquets, Garde Manger, Room Service, and the hotel’s four dining outlets. A wine program will also be offered.
  • Required Job Training :
  • Salary :
    $13.25 per hour
  • Hours :
    Average 32-40 hours/ week
  • Extra Hours :
  • Possibiliity of a 2nd Job :
  • Dress code :
    No visible piercings other than earrings (maximum two per ear), hair must be natural in color, must be kept clean & neat and pulled back while working. Employees must bathe and use deodorant before coming to work. Uniforms are to be kept clean and neatly pressed. Employees are responsible for their uniforms and badges; lost uniforms or damaged uniforms will need to be replaced. You will be responsible to pay the replacement costs. Uniform items provided to you include DNCPR shirt, name tag, & hat. Employees must provide their own pants and shoes. Pants should be black. Shoes must be black and slip resistant.
  • Housing :
  • Housing Deposit Required :
  • Transportation to work :
  • Meal benefits Required :
  • Nearest Airport :
  • Additional Information :
  • All information (pay rate, rent, deposit, etc.) is subject to change within reasonable mean

    to reflect the nature of each placement without prior notice.

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