Programs / Work and Travel Summer / ACME Supermarket, NJ (Summer 2021: Exclusive Premium Locations)
ACME Supermarket, NJ (Summer 2021: Exclusive Premium Locations)

Long beach township, NJ

Position Opportunity
- Meat
- Deli
- Seafood Associate
$12.00 per hour
32-40 hours per week
Start Date
May 12 - June 28, 2021
End Date
August 30 - September 6, 2021
Housing Information
$125 Per Week
Housing Deposit Required
$250 On Arrival. (Refunable)
- Participants will be required to pay $250 by cash upon arrival to move in. Participants will pay their rent weekly on Friday for the remainder of the summer.
- The return of a security deposit is subject to the terms and conditions of the landlord/tenant agreement. If a tenant leaves their housing prior to the end of the negotiated term, the security deposit may be kept by the landlord. Program Coordinators cannot negotiate the return of a security deposit if the landlord/tenant agreement has been broken.
- Weekly rent includes, electric, hot water, cooking gas, and wifi.
- Air conditioning can be requested at additional cost to the participant.
Transportation to work
Walking, Bicycle. The housing is a 5 minute walk to ACME and a 2 minute bicycle ride.
Long beach township, NJ

English level required: Advanced

Job prerequisites:
1. Advanced English
2. Participants must understand they will live in employer provided housing.
3. Must be flexible and willing to work in any department assigned. ACME needs team members who are willing to pitch in when and where they are needed.
4. Capable of providing courteous, friendly, efficient customer service.

Job description: At a fast pace, provide high-quality service, greeting customers in a friendly manner. Create a welcoming experience for customers. Control backed up lines, reduce waiting time for customers. Must have respect working with diverse and sometimes difficult customers. Operate scales and hot oil fryers. Prepare food, including fried food, soups, and salads. Display and stock deli cases. Clean cases, shelves, displays, dishes. Inform customers about
products, promote sales. Inventory stock, restock, move bulk product from storage areas to sales floor. $11.04 weekly union dues.

Uniform: Free to Participant. Participants will be provided shirts. Students should bring sweatshirts and a coat for working in the store until adjusted to the temperature. Full uniform required to start training. Long black or tan trousers are required, no jeans, no yoga or stretch pants. Black, close-toed, slip resistant safety shoe is required. ACME provides shirts, aprons and hat.

Grooming: No visible piercings (no tongue rings). Employees with long hair must pull it up. A hair net will be provided for everyone working in a service department such as bakery, produce or deli. Beards are allowed, must be covered with a beard net while serving food. No visible tattoos. Nails must be well groomed. Uniforms must be clean at all times, you are a representative of ACME. Body odor will not be tolerated.

Important points of job: ACME’s job offer will end on 09.06.21. Participants who accept the position, will be exposed to extreme temperatures, wet conditions. (ovens, freezer, outdoors). Freezer spaces -17°C or 0°F, refrigerated spaces 4°C or 40°F.

Additional position information: Participants who are prone to chronic bronchitis or have health concerns that are exasperated by cold temperatures should not accept this position. Will be exposed to extreme temperatures, wet conditions. (ovens, freezer, outdoors). Will work with pork. No food allergies. Must have physical ability to lift and carry 22kgs, manual dexterity, bend, stoop, twist, reach and stand for long periods of time. Take action to resolve complaints of guests. Inform managers of accidents, safety hazards. Operate, sanitize sharp equipment in a safe manner. Basic math skills. Multi-task in a very fast-paced environment. Support, encourage, respect colleagues. Provide courteous, friendly, efficient customer service. Flexible and willing to work in any department assigned without complaint. Team Player.