Programs / Work and Travel Summer / Delta Bayfront Suites, Virginia Beach (Summer 2022 : Exclusive Premium Locations) **เต็ม**

Position Opportunity
- Housekeeper/Housekeeper Aide
- Dishwasher/Steward
- ตำแหน่งงาน ทางตัวแทนนายจ้าง/ นายจ้าง จะเป็นผู้พิจารณาตอนสัมภาษณ์ รวมถึงตอนที่น้องไปถึงอเมริกานะคะ
$14 per hour
Average 32-40 hours per week
Start Date
May 7, 2022
End Date
September 7, 2022
Housing Information
Free housing *Rates are subject to change*
Housing Deposit Required
The employer is providing the housing free of charge. A $20 weekly deposit will be deducted from each paycheck and refunded upon move out minus any cleaning charges or damages.
Transportation to work
Housing is onsite OR in a separate building located onsite
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Job Description

Housekeeper/Housekeeper Aide : the participant is in charge of the overall appearance of the hotel. Tasks include but are not limited to: making beds,
vacuum, dust, restock supplies and wash bathrooms, tubs, jacuzzis, sinks, toilets, floors and all glass surfaces as well as cleaning the room’s kitchen (if any).

Dishwasher/Steward: A steward assists in keeping a restaurant, bar, or lounge
clean and sanitary, assists in cleaning dishes and tends to customers’ needs. The
steward may also perform basic administrative tasks, such as answering phones,
taking reservations, and giving out basic information.