Programs / Work and Travel Summer / Gateway Arch Store in Jefferson National Parks Association, St. Louis (Summer 2023: Exclusive Premium Locations)

Position Opportunity
- Retail Sales Clerk
$16 per hour
Average 32-40 hours per week
Start Date
May 19 - May 24, 2023
End Date
September 5 - September 7, 2023
*กรณีไม่ผ่านสัมภาษณ์ หรือไม่ได้เข้าสัมภาษณ์ตามนัด (No Show) นักศึกษาจะต้องชำระค่าธรรมเนียมสัมภาษณ์องค์กรฯจำนวน $60 (2,100 บาท) ต่อครั้ง *น้องควรมีระดับภาษา 8 ขึ้นไป (Advance)
Housing Information
*Students must arrange own. **นักศึกษาต้องหาบ้านพักด้วยตนเอง**
Housing Deposit Required
*Students must arrange own. **นักศึกษาต้องหาบ้านพักด้วยตนเอง**
Transportation to work
Participants can walk, take the bus, ride a bike, etc to get around.
St. Louis, Missouri

Job title: Retail Sales Clerk

Job prerequisites: Advanced English. Must like working with the public, be outgoing, friendly, approachable, and helpful. Must be flexible and willing to do additional tasks as requested by management

Job description: Participants must like working with the public and be friendly, approachable, and helpful. Providing outstanding customer service is our top priority. You will work as a team memberand must be respectful of your coworkers and management. Participants must be flexible and willing to do additional tasks as requested by management and willing to work other positions as needed due to business needs. You may not have the same shift as your friends and can not ask for the same days off. Be prepared to lift and carry up to 35 pounds (15 kg), bend, reach, and physical ability to be on your feed for the entire shift. You will work all weekends and holidays. If you have any physical limitations or allergies to cleaning chemicals you must notify us during your interview. Duties include assisting customers with their purchase selections, being friendly and approachable; stocking shelves, organizing merchandise, restocking and working the register. Please see the attached American Currency document.