Programs / Work and Travel Spring / Kalahari Resorts, Wisconsin Dells – Lifeguard (Spring 2025: Promotion Locations)
Kalahari Resorts, Wisconsin Dells – Lifeguard (Spring 2025: Promotion Locations)

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

- Lifeguard
$13 per hour
Average 32-40 hours per week
Start Date
March 7 - March 15, 2025
End Date
May 2 - June 15, 2025
Housing Information
Housing Deposit Required
Transportation to work
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Job Descriptions

  • Supervise and guard all waterfront activities by any means necessary. Surveillance of any ongoing aquatic activities in your designated area is crucial to ensure you are ready to respond to any potential emergencies. This is where lifeguard training comes in handy, as CPR will be necessary in a dire situation. Aside from the safety of pool patrons, you will also find yourself taking care of your respective facility. This involves conducting daily checks of the surrounding pool areas for any hazards and safety issues, ensuring complete cleanliness and protection.
  • Lifeguards will attend 3 days of unpaid Red Cross Training prior to start of work as a lifeguard. All employees make minimum wage during regular training.
  • Provide friendly customer service to waterpark guest, maintaining the standards of performance, service, hospitality, cleanliness, andsafety in the pool/waterpark, responsible for communicating with guest on resort amenities and procedural standards.
  • It is important to make sure that the parks are clean for our guests. It will be required every shift to help clean up the waterparks, this includes-sweeping, picking up garbage, changing out the trash bags, making sure the tables are arranged nicely, stacking tubes,
    cleaning tables, and any other tasks nessessary.

Required Duties:

  • Swim distance using front crawl (freestyle) or breaststroke without resting: 100 yards
  • Feet-first surface dive, retrieve a 10-lb. brick, and bring it to the surface
  • Tread water without using arms for 1 minute
  • Lifeguards monitor pool areas and assist guests going down slides and tube rides.
  • Must be capable of lifting at most 50lbs