Programs / Work and Travel Summer / Mt. Olympus Water Park (Summer 2021: Premium ในราคา Promotion Limited Time Only!)
Mt. Olympus Water Park (Summer 2021: Premium ในราคา Promotion Limited Time Only!)

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Position Opportunity
- Room Attendant
- Shallow/Deep Water Lifeguard
- Ride attendant
$10+1 Bonus per hour
32-40 hours per week
Start Date
May 7 - June 15, 2021
End Date
September 3 - September 7, 2021
*student must be able to work until the end date required by the employer.
Bonus is $1 per hour for students that work within the dates of May1-Sep30 if you stay until your end date. Also subject to attendance and performance review.
Housing Information
Housing Deposit Required
Deposit $300 ($200 refundable if lease terms are met, $100 non-refundable covers unlimited laundry and admin fees.) Due before or upon arrival: $300 deposit + 2 weeks rent ($160)= $460 If you are fired or quit from your Host Company you forfeit your entire deposit and are responsible for the remaining balance of the
Transportation to work
Walk or Bike
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Room Attendant: maintain a clean, sanitary, comfortable and tidy environment for our guests. Our resort has 2-3 bedroom condominiums, suites, villas and cabins that require housekeeping duties.

Shallow/Deep Water Lifeguard: A great way to start your journey of becoming a certified lifeguard is to be conscious of the exact responsibility of a lifeguard. The foremost duty of a lifeguard is simply to supervise and guard all waterfront activities by any means necessary. Surveillance of any
ongoing aquatic activities in your designated area is crucial to ensure you are ready to respond to any potential emergencies. This is where lifeguard training comes in handy, as CPR will be necessary in a dire situation. Aside from the safety of pool patrons, you will also find yourself taking care of your respective facility. This involves conducting daily checks of the surrounding pool areas for any hazards and safety issues, ensuring complete cleanliness and protection.

Ride attendant: Responsible for supervising, monitoring, repairing, and attending to park rides, including boarding and securing passengers, starting rides, and ensuring passengers exit safely. Ride operators work for amusements parks where their main responsibility is the safe operation of a ride or series of rides. They assist guests in operating rides in a safe manner and provide them with training on how to ride safely. They also supervise and monitor rides during the time they are in operation.