Programs / Work and Travel Summer / Nickelodeon Universe Mall of America, MN (Summer 2021: Premium Locations)

Position Opportunity
- Rope Course Attendant
- Cashier/Food Service
- Ride Operator
$10.50-$12.50 per hour
32-40 hours per week
Start Date
May 25 - June 30, 2021
End Date
August 25 - September 7, 2020
You must pass the drug test in order to work here. If you have used any drugs within 30 days of the test, including marijuana, you will most likely not pass the test. It may take up to 5 days to get the results of the drug test back if you have any medications within your system that the testing agency may have to follow up on. You cannot start work until the drug test comes back clear.
Housing Information
$138.60 per student / week (On arrival, students will be required to sign a housing contract/rental agreement provided by CHI, along with a one-month rent payment plus tax; tax will be refunded after 30 days.)
Housing Deposit Required
Deposit amount : approximately $150 , Housing deposit due date : Upon arrival
Transportation to work
Sonesta ES Suites shuttle:
- Sonesta provides the shuttle for work purposes daily, at no additional charge to the students.
- The shuttle has a set schedule to and from the Mall of America. So please do not expect the shuttle to pick you up right away.
- As soon as you receive your work schedule you will have to fill out the form at the Front Desk for drop-off and pick-up times. If you fail to add your name to the list with your scheduled time at the front desk you will have to find your own transportation to and from the Mall.
- If anything changes with your schedule that would affect the shuttle, let the hotel know immediately.
- You have to be 5-10 minutes early with your scheduled time or else the shuttle will leave you behind if you are not on time. The shuttle will not wait for you because they have scheduled times for other guests at the hotel as well.
- The shuttle will also pick you up at the airport and take you back upon departure. You will have to call Sonesta when you arrive. Please be prepared to call with your phone via Google or the internet.
- There is also a scheduled grocery run, once-per-week to Walmart on Sundays only. They will drop you off and pick you up after an hour.
- The shuttle WILL NOT take you to other places except for the Mall of America, Airport, and/or Walmart. If you have other special trips, you will have to be responsible for your own transportation.
Bloomington, Minnesota

Job description: 

 – Cashier, Food Service : Provide outstanding guest service, greet customers, polite conversation with customers. You must always have a smile on your face and be positive! Must be knowledgeable about food safety and ingredients, oversee the safety and cleanliness of your station. You must also be able to handle cash, count cash accurately, make change for customers, sell tickets and retail merchandise to customers. Must also be willing to do other duties as assigned like sweeping and cleaning the park, acting as greeters, be in other retail areas throughout the park.
 – Ride Operator : Operate mechanical and non-mechanical rides, loading and unloading of guests, enforce height and safety requirements, using microphone to make announcements and go override instructions, politely greet customers, ensure overall safety, enforce policies, greet customers, scan passes and wristbands, clean ride area, sweep, wipe down rides, empty
trash. May have to provide support in other areas, including custodial duties, cash handling.

Rope Course Attendant : Communicate to guests giving an explanation of how the flow of the attractions works, wait
times, and rules. Enforce the safety of all guests. Properly harness and secure guests prior to them entering the attractions. Ensure loose articles are properly stored. Inspect all equipment prior to use. Professionally communicate any concerns with the Supervisor. Deal calmly and efficiently with stressful situations and guests. Understand and participate in emergency procedures including but not limited to takedown procedures, rescues on the zip line.

Details for clothing: Student must provide: Black work pants – they can either be dress pants or jeans and can’t be ripped; Black closed toe shoes, but can have some color on the shoes

Grooming: No visible tattoos or facial piercings.

Second job: Yes (This is a large area and opportunities for second job are good. Many students work 2nd jobs in the other shops at the mall.)