Programs / Work and Travel Spring / Outer Banks Yellow Submarine Pizza & Subs (Spring 2025: Premium Locations)

- Back of House,Kitchen Staff ($13.00)
- Cashier,Front of House Staff ($5.00/hr+tips) (Female only)
$5+tips-$13 per hour
32-40 hours per week
Start Date
March 25 - April 5, 2025
End Date
May 31 - June 20, 2025
For Cashier,Front of House Staff - During the training period the rate of pay will be $13.00 per hour ( No Tips while in training). The training period lasts a minimum of two weeks. Once training is complete, the payrate will be $5.00 per hour plus tips. Tips are generous! Lunch shift tips $50-$80, dinner shift tips $70-$100 Tips are often split between two-three cashiers on high volume shifts.
Housing Information
$137.50/week/person (Rent will be payroll deducted on a biweekly basis)
Housing Deposit Required
A deposit of $550 will be due, in cash, upon arrival to housing. Deposit is refundable as long as participants work the full dates agreed to in the job offer, the housing is clean and restored to its original condition at time of move in, and there is no damage to the housing. If participants quits there job early, or is terminated, before the end of the work agreement, the deposit will not be refunded.
Transportation to work
Walking, Bicycle
Nags Head, North Carolina

Front of House Staff duties include greeting guests once they have arrived, discussing menu items and providing excellent customer service. Front of House Staff will be responsible for taking carry-out and call-ahead phone orders as well as cashiering procedures.

• Successfully completing take-out and call ahead orders from start to finish
• Processing payments correctly and efficiently
• Cleaning dishware and silverware by hand or via dishwashing equipment as instructed
• Cleaning and maintenance of lobby/restaurant spaces and restrooms
• All other cleaning and sidework duties as assigned
• These duties will require interaction with cleaning chemicals such as soaps, bleaches, disinfectants, and other products.

Back Of House/Kitchen Staff will be cross-trained and required to work in various back of house (BOH) positions
based on skills and business needs, including but not limited to Dishwasher, Prep Cook, Cook and Expeditor. Participants with
excellent work ethic, strong English Skills and outstanding Guest Service Skills may be offered the ability to move to a Front of House Position. You will be working with pork products in this position

Dishwasher Duties Include:
• Load and unload automatic dish washing machine with dishes, glassware and utensils
• Operate automatic dish washing machine
• Wash pots and pans, kitchen equipment, and other items as needed, by hand
• Inspect all items for appropriate cleanliness
• Place clean items in appropriate storage locations
• Perform kitchen prep work
• Sweep and mop floors
• Sort and remove trash and glass, and properly dispose in designated pickup areas
• Bus restaurant tables as needed
• Maintain a clean and safe work environment
• Observe health and safety precautions required to protect people and property
• All other duties as assigned
Prep Cook/Cook Duties Include:
• Wash, peel and cut vegetables and fruits
• Work with and prepare various meats including poultry, beef, and pork
• Assist with cleaning food preparation areas, facilities and equipment
• Assist with dish washing duties as needed
• Maintain a safe and sanitary work environment
• Observe health and safety precautions required to protect people and property
• All other duties as assigned
Expeditor duties include
• Oversees the final presentation of all dishes, taking the prepared entrée from the cooks and making sure it is garnished and
presented properly – free from smudges or spills.
• All other duties as assigned