Programs / Work and Travel Summer / Shake Shack, Brooklyn (Summer 2022: Exclusive Premium Locations) **เต็ม**

Position Opportunity
- Team Member
- Line Cook
$15 per hour
Average 32 -40 hours per week
Start Date
May 7 - June 10, 2022
End Date
August 15 - September 7, 2022
*ไม่สามารถเลิกงานก่อนวันที่นายจ้างกำหนดได้* Student must have Social Security Number (SSN).
น้องจะต้องมีหมายเลขโซเชียล(SSN) มาแล้ว. *กรณีไม่ผ่านสัมภาษณ์ หรือไม่ได้เข้าสัมภาษณ์ตามนัด (No Show) นักศึกษาจะต้องชำระค่าธรรมเนียมสัมภาษณ์องค์กรฯจำนวน $60 (2,100 บาท) ต่อครั้ง *น้องควรมีระดับภาษา 7.5 ขึ้นไป (Upper intermediate)
Housing Information
Must Arrange Own ** นักศึกษาต้องหาบ้านพักด้วยตนเอง**หรือติดต่อขอข้อมูลแนะนำบ้านพักจากทางองค์กรแลกเปลี่ยนได้
Housing Deposit Required
Must Arrange Own ** นักศึกษาต้องหาบ้านพักด้วยตนเอง**หรือติดต่อขอข้อมูลแนะนำบ้านพักจากทางองค์กรแลกเปลี่ยนได้ (Housing Deposit: Depend on housing)
Transportation to work
Subway, Bus, Walk, Bike

Every student living in NYC will need to purchase a metro card to ride the subway and buses in NYC

NYC is a very big cultural city with lots to do and see. Many historical sites to visit. Subway, train and buses are main form of transportation. Many restaurants and shops. It is an international city filled with people from all around the world.
Brooklyn, New York

Job prerequisites:

  1.  Advanced English, outgoing and customer service oriented
  2. Participants must be willing to clean (including rest rooms) and remove rubbish
  3. Flexible and willing to be trained in all positions
  4. Will be required to work on peak business days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Shifts are 10 am – 6 pm and 5 pm -1 am
  5.  Basic math skills; must be familiar with U.S. currency prior to arriving
  6. Students must arrange their own housing, and expect to travel a distance by public transportation
  7. Groups of friends welcome, but will not be guaranteed the same schedule or days off

Job description: Have fun and work hard! As a Shack Team Member, you will learn as you grow. Responsibilities of a Team Member include: Food prep, cooking, and cleaning. Delivering
exceptional hospitality to our guests. Balancing high volume with high quality. Previous hospitality and/or food service experience, a plus – we’ll teach you the rest! Self-motivated
achiever interested in taking on additional roles and responsibilities. Open availability and flexibility is a must – ability to work any shift. Employees are required to work weekends. Shifts are 10 am – 6 pm and 5 pm -1 am. Quickly and accurately deliver all guests food & beverages within time standards of Shake Shack. Maintain clean workstations. Restock all goods in stations following “First-In First-Out” procedures to ensure quality.

English level required: Advanced

Meals details: 60% off Meals

Uniform: First Issue Free

Details for clothing: Participants will be required to be in full uniform to start training. Shake Shack provides three team member shirts (one long sleeve) and one hat or bandana, free of charge. Coupons are given if the participant wishes to purchase additional shirts or shoes. Hats must be worn at all times while working your shift. Hats must be worn straight. Participants should bring black trousers (cannot be tights, leggings, or sweatpants). Trousers must have loops and you are required to wear a black belt. Must be clean, neat, and tatter free. Shirts should be tucked in at all times and laundered appropriately. Must have the appropriate length, and not be excessively baggy or long. Must be clean, neat, tatter free, without rips, tears, patches or distress. If an undershirt is longer sleeved than a uniform shirt, or has an exposed collar, it must be black. For personal safety and to avoid injury if you drop sharp or hot objects on your footwear, participants should purchase a closed-toed, black, slip-resistant athletic shoe. ( No clogs ) We provide: shirts, headwear, aprons, disposable face masks, and hairnets. Face Masks must be worn at all times while in the restaurant, unless actively eating/drinking.

Grooming: In the United States, culturally, you must shower daily and use antiperspirants. Perfume or highly fragrant grooming products should not be worn. Keep earrings small or moderately sized. No visible piercings (including no tongue rings). No visible tattoos. For food-safety reasons, no jewelry on hands (except for wedding bands) or forearms, jewelry, such as
necklaces, must not be worn for health or safety reasons. Any employee with long hair must have it up and off their shoulders. Facial hair should be clean shaven, neatly trimmed mustaches are allowed. Hair longer than 1” (face/head) needs to be covered by a hair net/beard net/black bonnet/black wrap. Nails must be kept short and well-groomed, ¼” or less in length. Natural colored or natural-looking hair color only.


Additional position information: Love for cooking or experience in culinary a plus. It is common practice in the United States for employees of restaurants to be sent home early (cut) if the business does not allow for a full staff. Hours can be affected by weather or a decrease in visitation. Students must be
willing to stand the entire shift and work at a fast pace. Participants are in contact with sharp knives, boiling liquids, hot pans. Kitchens will be hot. NYC is an urban environment. Students should be city savvy. Shake Shack will not schedule around second jobs. – We require all employees to work a closing shift 1x per week (usually until 11:30 pm / 12:30 am) and two
shifts on the weekend (between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). – Shake Shack’s attendance policy is quite strict, students should consider this when selecting their housing. They should not have a commute that is too difficult or too far.

Second Job: Yes