Programs / Work and Travel Summer / The Abbey Resort, Fontana (Summer 2023: Exclusive Premium Locations)

Position Opportunity
- Resort Attendant
- ตำแหน่งงาน ทางตัวแทนนายจ้าง/ นายจ้าง จะเป็นผู้พิจารณาตอนสัมภาษณ์ รวมถึงตอนที่น้องไปถึงอเมริกานะคะ *
$2.33-$15 per hour
Average 32-40 hours per week
Start Date
May 15 - June 20, 2023
End Date
September 6 - September 7, 2023
*นักศึกษาจำเป็นต้องเริ่ม-จบงาน ภายในช่วงที่นายจ้างกำหนดไว้เท่านั้น!*
*วันเริ่มงาน-สิ้นสุดงาน ต้องอยู่ในช่วงที่กำหนดเท่านั้น กรณีไม่ผ่านพิจารณา/ สัมภาษณ์ นักศึกษาจะต้องชำระค่าธรรมเนียมองค์กรแลกเปลี่ยน 2,000 บาท
Housing Information
$80/week/person **Rates are subject to change**
Housing Deposit Required
$400.00 total cash deposit required. $400 includes $350 deposit and $50 non-refundable cleaning fee.
Transportation to work
Transportation to and from work will be provided, as well as planned shopping and laundry visits.
Fontana, Wisconsin

Resort Attendant 

Job Description: Participants must be prepared to work in all role types. Participants hired on in this position will be working primarily as housekeepers. Wages vary between concentration of duties. Cash handling is required in some roles. Participants will use cleaning chemicals in these position. Roles include:

-Housekeeping: $10.00 – $15.00 per hour depending on duty assignment. Housekeepers are
responsible for cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and tidying guest rooms and property common
areas. Job duties include preparing fresh linens, doing laundry (less than 15% of hours),
making beds, dusting furniture and fixtures, washing floors, vacuuming carpeted areas,
emptying trash cans, cleaning windows, cleaning the bathroom and toilet and keeping the
guest rooms stocked with accessories and bathrooms stocked with supplies. The breakdown
on hourly pay by assignment can be found under Additional Comments on the Community
page. https://www.theabbeyresort.com/lake-geneva-accommodations/

-Culinary: $12.00 per hour. Prep cook/dishwashers are responsible for assisting with food
prep. Dishwasher work with the automated dishwasher and will clean dishes and cookware.
-Restaurants/Banquets: $2.33 per hour + tips or gratuity – $8.75. Duties include bussing,
hosting, expediting, bartending, acting as a barista, banquet set up, serving as a bar back,
serving drinks and meals, interacting with guests, ensuring the restaurant and event location
are set up properly and kept clean. Participants might serve alcohol in this role.

-Recreation: $8.25 per hour. Recreation attendants are responsible for assisting guests in the
recreation area, keeping the area clean, and stocking pool towels.

-Gift Shop: Cashier $10.00 per hour. Participants will assist guests with purchases in the Gift

-Front Desk/Reservations: $10.00 per hour. Participants will assist guests on the phone with
reservations and checking in/out of resort.

Excellent English is required